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CFXT Athlete of the Month
Ilda Sampaio

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Ilda Sampaio is one of CFXT’s original athletes. She was born in Portugal and came to the US when she was just 10 years old. Ilda became a business owner over 10 years ago and recently opened her own salon named, ILDA’s Salon and Spa, right in the heart of Tarrytown. Somehow this tiny woman, who stands just barely 5’ tall, is the mom of amazing twin girls, a successful business owner, dedicated athlete and proud member the #300 club for her amazing sumo deadlift!!!! GO ILDA!!!! #girlswholift #strongerthantheboys #fitfam  

1) When did you start CrossFit?

I have been at CrossFit since it opened. It’s going to be 5 years since I started at the gym.

2) Favorite WOD or movement?

My favorite movements are deadlifts. Every time I do them I feel like I got a full workout.

3) Least favorite WOD or movement?

My least favorite movement is double unders!  I don’t have good coordination so that makes them hard. I used to skip the WOD when DU’s were involved, now I make it a point to go.

4) In a paragraph tell us a little about yourself.

I am a mom with a career that never has time to myself. I have always loved to workout, but ever since I joined this gym, my working out has gone to a different level. It has pushed me to test my limits and has made me a lot stronger.

5) What are some of your goals? And what are some goals you have already achieved?

I want to be able to workout for many years to come, always setting, new small goals for myself.    Being able to lift almost 3 times my weight on deadlifts is one of my greatest accomplishments.  My 1st PR was 95 lbs just a few years ago.   Being able to finally do a kipping pull-up was also a great accomplishment.  I am not great at them yet but I’m getting there!

6) Any advice for a newbie starting CF?

Never compare yourself to the athlete next to you. The only person you are competing with is yourself. If the coach tells you to lower your weight there’s a great reason behind it.

7) What diet do you follow or nutrition plan?

I have a lot of dietary restriction so making sure I eat is the plan! Haha. I don’t eat dairy, no red meat and very little gluten. Since the gym introduced the RP diet I try to follow it to the best of my ability. That has helped me to track my food and become stronger.

8) What is your everyday motivation?

Motivation? That’s a good question. I will have to get back to you about that one.

9) What do you love about CrossFit?

I love that every time I enter the gym, it’s always a new workout. I am never bored by a workout and many times I’m challenged. The gym has AWESOME coaches and great athletes. This gym has transformed me as an athlete and the way I eat. I was never heavy but I had to learn how to eat for the workouts and how to keep my weight up. When I started at the gym, they told me I would make great friends and I thought that was a crazy thing because I am not very talkative. But, they were right, I have made great friends.